Down Dere for Dancin


Let’s have a dance, let’s have a ceili

Send for the Keanes, and that young Daly

Go down to the pub, get twenty Carroll’s

Wine, spirits and a Guinness barrel

For atin, drinking fill the shelves

If you want any more just help yourselves

Here’s thirty bob, arragh sure,

We’ll all get maigh-go-leor


Up there for doing your hair

Down dere for dancin


Spread the word to twenty miles

Haste to the wedding in the real oul’ style

Build bonfires, there’s plenty straw

You’re too young to go, a grá

‘Round the house and mind the dresser

He always was a messer

for the waltzing and a siege of Ennis

Hit it with a hammer and we’ll have that Guinness



Country kitchens, country miles,

Country women and country smiles

Country rambles, country flavour,

Country cousins and country neighbours

Country fresh all wind and water,

She’s got the marks of the farmers daughter

Country music full of  soul,

Running through the city like the rock and roll



Women flock in like the tide,

Lads all hanging round outside

At the cart house sheltered from the wind,

 ‘Go out and tell them to come in

Priesteen who just did the job

Is sitting pretty in the hob

That’s his favourite place to be,

 A drop of whiskey in his tea


Let’s have a dance lets have a Hooley,

Let’s have a song from Bridget Dooley

If the drink is getting low,

Give us a shout and we’ll get some more

If that does not suit your nature,

I’ve got a bottle of the cratur

I got a blim of the black, sing song,

Wheatgrass and a chillum and a bong