Padraig Stevens was born in Sligo, Ireland in Novermber 1946. He has been involved in music-making all his life both as a performer and a songwriter. Padraig lives in Tuam.

 His songs have been recorded and performed by Matt Keane, Eleanor Shanley, The Cabin Collective, Strange Boats, Ann Kirrane, Mike Denver and MIchael English but most notably by The Saw Doctors with whom he has been associated since their inception in Tuam, and by Christy Moore who has had quite a hit lately with his recording of ‘The Tuam Beat’.

*Michael English's recording of 'The Tuam Beat' has just been voted 'Hot Country Song of the Year '  (May 2017)

Padraig has recorded and performed with The Waterboys, Dé Danann, The Stunning, Blaze X, and The Problems, but is best known for his work with The Saw Doctors with whom he has recorded and toured extensively. He is also co-writer of some of their hit songs including I Useta Lover, Still the only One and That’s What She Said Last Night.

Since he began performing live early in 2017 with Leo Moran on guitar Padraig Stevens has found a new outlet for his songs and storytelling. New songs are being introduced to a new audience and there are plans for recording an album of this new material.