There’s a lovely little lull in the evening  Everything goes quiet,

and you can hear birds singing,  Above the deep roar of the river.

Harsh raw sound of a seagull  Cuts clear through sweet evening air

Night time is just around the corner

The commerce of the day has ended  Business shuts the door

Straggler on the pavement hurries home Busker counts coin

Night time is just around the corner


It’s the top of the tide, high pregnant moment  Still and Calm in the mouth of the river.

On a low stone wall in the Claddagh  Oul fishermen sings their song of the sea

When the wind dies down this time of an evening And swings around to the south

We’ll have settled weather for a while, thanks be to God.

They don’t take one blind bit of notice  Of swans patrolling the slipway

Or a young man walking slow Walking in the twilight  He’s walking in the twilight.


He walks on anyhow, he crosses the bridge and heads down towards the Spanish Arch, he’s in no hurry

The tide is going out now, he’s close to the edge, the darkness grows deeper

He sits on the steps leading down to the water, takes off his backpack and his glasses

His phone is already off.

And as he steps down into the water, ripples radiate out and disturb the calm surface

He goes under, gets swept away, lost in the depths of the turbulence.

Seabirds sing sad songs for the boys in the bay.