I took a drink

I took a drink to ease my pain Woke up feeling worse again

Took a drink and smoked the weed, searching for what we all need.


Took a drink oh I should say I was drinking  night and day

I took a drink to ease my pain woke up feeling worse, worse again.


I bought one, he bought another one

Round and round that’s the way it’s done

Life in the pub, its fun and frolics

How was I supposed to know I was an alcoholic?


Ah the drink it let me down, ended up in Foxford town

In the end I couldn’t cope, asked for help at the house of hope.


Oh mercy mercy me, is there any hope for me

I had it all, threw it all away


You’ll find new ways of behaving

When you understand the craving

Understanding my despair, they gave help and healing there