Country and Irish


I'm country and Irish and not very stylish, I wouldn’t want any more ,

Country and Irish and full of surprise

Shure, where would ya be goin'?


I'm Irish and country, that's not an affront,  I'm doing the best that I can,

I'm Irish and country, and waltzing one, two, three

Proud of the way that I am.


As much and all as I love rock and roll

Jazz, blues, reggae, sixties soul

I haven’t heard a sweeter sound

Since Liam Clancy sang 'The Holy Ground'


I'm country and Irish, I asked my friend Eilis

Who is  winning and what was the score

She said 'Would ya stop, I'm just minding the shop,

But the Stars are on top, that's for sure'


All the Nashville cats with the fiddle and the steel

The mandolin, and the tele and the song about a wheel

They wouldn’t hold a candle all the same

To the queen of Caherlistrane, Dolores Keane.